You have the power and the answers you need to
achieve all that you want in life!

Our minds are more powerful than you can possibly imagine...

  Our subconscious and conscious minds can work harmoniously together if we let them.
Through imagery & hypnosis, you can reach a deep and calm state in which
your entire body is completely relaxed. This allows you to bypass your critical self- the part
of you that is keeping you from making the changes you want, and go directly to your
subconscious thoughts that affect the choices you make evey single day.

You can change old patterns that cause you frustration and discomfort and are replaced
with desired, healthy ones. Once this happens, nothing can get in
between you and your goals.

The results and possibilities are life changing!

Among the many benefits you will find are success, mind and body overall
health, self-love and so much more!
With these safe and secure in your tool box of life, you will attain

healthy and loving relationships, the freedom to reach farther than you thought
possible, and the strength to face anything that comes your way.

In turn, you will become

the woman, the man, the wife, the husband, the partner, the parent,
or the friend, that you have always dreamt of being.

Using your whole mind, will fulfill your whole life
and your intentions will become your reality!

Jo Pessin
can guide you on your journey of self-exploration and discovery.
Together, we will create a team that will empower you to no ends.
Jo Pessin, C.Ht.
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
a thoughtful way to
have inner calm
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