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Many lives have been changed as a result of thoughtful living and

Stress Management    Confidence/Self Esteem   

Empathy    Self Love    Performance Anxiety    Anger Management

Compassion      Reduce Anxiety       Relaxation      Habit Control

Procrastination       Athletic Performance      Pain Management

Stop Smoking    Motivation   Improve Focus    Improve Patience

Increase work productivity    Weight control

Keeping healthy habits    Creativity     Fears & Phobias

Improve Sleep     Finding Inner Peace

Hypnotherapists work with vocational and avocational self-improvement.
We are happy to support lifestyles with medical conditions
with a required medical referral. Please contact the office for more
Hypnotherapists are Certified not licensed by the state of CA.

c h e e r s
...to all the positive steps...

"Working with Jo was the first time I had ever been hypnotized. The
experience was comfortable and relaxing and I know it will be very
helpful in my life. When I come out of hypnosis, it leaves me with a
postive outlook for what I need to face in my day and I would
definitely encourage anyone to work with her, especially to those who
have never tried it before."

- student of pharmaceuticals, 50 years old

"Jo Pessin and her hypnotherapy, imagery and thoughtfulness sessions
have truly changed my life. I have been working with Jo for the past 5
months. I had been combining it with traditional psychotherapy at
first, then changed to just hypnotherapy because of the amazing results
that I had noticed session after session with her.

I am a 4 year cancer survivor dealing with Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder and was having lot of flashbacks of some very rough times
during my cancer. Jo has helped with this and her healing
hypnotherapy sessions. I have found that after her sessions, I feel very
positive and have been having less and less flashbacks, which has
made my life so much more joyful. I have been able to replace my
negative thoughts with positive ones.

One huge change of mine this year was that I changed careers. An
exciting, but scary and extremely anxiety filled time. I was questioning
my abilities (could I learn something completely new at 40?). I was
insecure with myself, my skills and my appearance...The first day of
my new job, I experienced an anxiety attack, felt like running out of
the building. I knew I needed to have a hypnotherapy session with Jo
as soon as possible. She helped me overcome these fears. Her kind
and calming way helped me to relax my negative mind and go on an
amazing journey of imagery and self enlightenment, which "magically"
has helped me with my new career and many other things in my life!

Jo has taught me simple daily things that I can do to enhance my life.
I practice daily thoughtful thinking and positive affirmations, which
were hard for me at first, but have been so helpful. My confidence has
grown and I found out that I learn new things when I open up my

I am so grateful to be working with Jo as my hypnotherapist. I would
recommend her to anyone who would like to make their life better.  
I can't wait until my next session with her!"

- mom, teacher and cancer survivor, 40 years old

"I write to thank and acknowledge the skills and compassion of Jo
Pessin, CHt. Jo helped me with a confidence problem relating to my
golfing ability. It may seem an unimportant thing - but golf is a very
important part of my recovery from throat cancer. In fact, after only
two sessions with Jo, I scored a hole-in-one on the final hole of my
local golf course. Later that same day, I entered a putting contest
60 others and won!

I am not an easy person to hypnotize but Jo was able to get me so
relaxed that I was suggestible to her positive reinforcements!!! Thank
you Jo!!!"

- P.G.

"Jo is an amazingly sweet, compassionate and insightful therapist. I
enjoy our conversations very much and she always has great advice
and insight on what's going on with my life and suggestion on how to
achieve more calm and balance. I especially like the (hypnosis) part a
the end because the imagery part is very powerful and positive and
invigorates me after I leave the session."

- A.M.

"...By the way, I'm happy to report that I have had six out of seven
good nights last week!!! Best sleep I've had in a year!!! Thanks for
everything you've done to help!!!"

- A. P., insomnia client

w o r k s h o p s   &   g r o u p s

"Jo Pessin is wonderful. She has a calmness about herself. She  gave
us very helpful information. I will definitely be able to incorporate the
information into my daily life."

- M.B., workshop participant, age 64

"The highlights of this workshop were working on the arts and crafts
and learning about what you can do with them. Also, I loved how we
thought of images while laying down and letting our body relax. I
think that I could improve on not stressing out about projects from
school. I did find the information useful because ow when I am
stressed out at school, homework, or problems, I know how to calm
down and feel less panicked. I thought Jo Pessin was very interesting
and I loved how she explained everything. Now I can use these tools
in every day life."

- M.Q., workshop participant, age 12

"The facility was beautiful and the activities were fun. I found the
information very helpful for my every day life so I can relax. I can
incorporate the exercises we learned. It is a fun way to help you relax
and stay calm from anything that might be troubling you at the time."

I.T., workshop participant, age 10

"I loved making the collage. I also liked when we laid down on the
grass and listened to the music. I thought the workshop was great! The
information was very helpful. I get stressed over homework and I will
use the techniques so I won't stress over homework any more. I loved
the workshop! It was really fun and I had a great time."

- H, workshop participant, age 11

"You are terrific! Can't wait to bring my daughter to you!
Helped so much in one meeting! Lost fear of failure fast!"

- B.R., workshop participant, age 74

"I also liked when (Jo Pessin) had us close our eyes and it was
awesome. I thought she did perfect. It is useful for my life because I
can live a happy life. It was fun and cool!!"

- P.M., workshop participant, age 10

"It was great for the kids, especially my child.
(Regarding Jo Pessin) Sweet, sweet and patient with the girls. Very
attentive to their questions and responses."

- L, parent of workshop participant

"I liked the part where there was music playing and you laid down and
you visualize the hot air balloon."

- D., workshop participant, age 9

"A lot of good information in a short time. Good presenter-

- grandparent of workshop participant, age 64

"I think it was really fun and I want to do it again!"

- B.B., workshop participant, age 11

"I thought it was great! She is a great teacher!"

-S., workshop participant, age 11

"I really thought all (the activities) were fun!"

- S.O., workshop participant, age 13

"I don't think it could be any better!! I thought the information was
useful and I think I would use the information in my life.
I loved the workshop! It was amazing!"

- A.Q., workshop participant, age 10

Jo Pessin, C.Ht.
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
a thoughtful way to
have inner calm