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g u i d e d   j o u r n a l i n g

Hand writing is an ideo-motor response, one that comes from our subconscious mind and can tell us
so many things about ourselves. Some of these things we already know and are willing to admit, yet
some things that we are not ready to admit but know are true about ourselves and possibly want to
explore. The experience can be amazing and helpful on our way to making positive changes in our
lives and it is never too early to begin.

Journaling in itself is a wonderful tool, but guided journaling can be even better. Guided by
Jo Pessin
and given specific things to consider, perhaps things you would not have considered yourself, gives
you a great opportunity to learn and grow.

This tool is convenient because you can do it wherever you want with just a pen and a piece of paper.
There is no "right" or "wrong" way to go about it. It is your personal space to create. In addition, it is a
gift to be able to "read" back and know exactly what you were feeling and experiencing at any given
time in your life. This plays a huge part in acknowledging your growth and development.

So, let's get writing.........
Jo Pessin, C.Ht.
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
a thoughtful way to
have inner calm