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s u g g e s t i b i l i t y

Have you ever wondered how 2 people can hear the same thing but interpret and
respond completely differently. The answer is suggestibility. Your suggestibility refers to
how you take in information and is very important in how hypnosis will be most effective
for you. Renowned hypnotherapist, Dr. John Kappas, and founder of Hypnosis Motivation
Institute in Tarzana, CA theorized that each of us takes in information either
very literal and direct or Emotionally, more inferentially.
This learned behavior affects who
we relate most to, and how we understand and behave in the world we live in. This
simple concept will clarify why we do what we do and why sometimes we don't do what
we want to.

h y p n o s i s

Hypnosis has been used in ancient times in many cultures around the world for many
healing purposes. This gentle, yet effective, approach is a heightened state of suggestibility
that we have all experienced at one time or another. The next time you are about to fall
asleep for the night, notice the drowsy, relaxed feeling you have. Or when you find
yourself daydreaming and realize you are in a classroom lecture but your mind was in
another place. Or perhaps a time when you were driving along the freeway and as your
thoughts wander, you miss your exit. You were not asleep. You were in a state of
hypnosis, an altered state of mind somewhere between conscious and asleep and In this
state you are highly suggestible to what you see and hear around you.

What can I expect while I am in hypnosis?

The first thing to understand about being in hypnosis is that you are always in control. No
matter how deep you go, or what experience you have, you will not do anything that you
do not want to nor allow yourself to do. Your focus and concentration becomes so sharp
that even the sounds you may hear in the room bring you even deeper into a heightened
awareness. Visualizing and imagining become very important as you begin to "see" the
answers unfold. Positive suggestions created just for you from your own ideas will be
easily accepted in this state and you will carry them with you long after the session. When
you come out of hypnosis, you may feel like you had an incredible mind massage-
discarding any stress or discomforts.

h y p n o t h e r a p y

Hypnotherapy is the process combining the powerful effects of hypnosis in a safe
environment with a skilled, understanding and professional hypnotherapist like
Jo Pessin. Together as a team, you can understand the paths of your past, the behaviors
of the present, the goals for the future and which therapeutic
approach best suits you..
On your journey with
Jo Pessin your first hypnotherapy session will last
1 to 1 1/2 hours long. Following sessions will last 50 minutes. Your time together will
consist of many hypnotic techniques including interactive activities in session and
discussions of personal and conscious work outside of sessions. Each session
will always consist of at least 20 minutes of hypnosis.

As a
 Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Master Therapeutic Imagery
Facilitator, Jo Pessin
, is a skilled hypnotherapist that can help you find
the answers you are looking for within the inner strength you already possess..
Jo Pessin, C.Ht.
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
a thoughtful way to
have inner calm