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No matter what profession or industry you are in, I am sure that one thing is for sure.
That you want to feel good about what you are doing- That confidence and self esteem
are at their highest and at the most comfortable level so that you can achieve
all of your goals as a trainer, teacher or caregiver.

In addition, what if your clients could overcome the things that hold them back from moving
forward with your work and benefiting from your expertise?

What if...

... your students weren't so anxious during your tutoring sessions and exams?

or your dental patient could overcome his fear of procedures so that you could give him the best
teeth cleaning, or complete a necessary procedure?

or your performer wasn't getting stage fright just before a big performance?

or your athlete could focus better before each game so she could be in the zone?

or your bar or bat mitzvah student could be calm before reading from the Torah?

or your bride could be in the moment, being present so she could enjoy all the amazing things
you planned for her big day?

So much more could be accomplished!

By working with Jo Pessin, CHt to help connect with their inner peace and to tap into their inner
power, your clients and patients could come to you with confidence and calm so you could do
what you were hired to do.

Together, we can work on what we do best in order to support everyone on the team and to see
huge professional and personal results.
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Jo Pessin, C.Ht.
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