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All students, teachers, staff and administration have certain goals they want to
achieve each year. What if you could strengthen more of what helps to reach those goals and
eliminate what keeps getting in the way?

Often times nervousness or distractions within a student, of any age, hinders them from
getting the full benefit of the lesson in front of them? Perhaps they cannot stay focused
because they are preoccupied with insecure thoughts or perhaps their negative reactions and
behaviors throughout their day are based on those same types of unsure feelings. Having the
ability to offer solutions that can not only benefit them but the entire class or group can be very
instrumental in the learning process.

Self confidence is the elimination of self doubt.
Eliminating that self doubt allows individuals to soar to great heights without hesitation- to try
without fear of not succeeding. Through this process, so much can be achieved- much more
than when one is left in the self doubt.

Whether in the classroom, playground, or field self confidence plays a big part in one's life.
Unhealthy relationships between students can break up the harmony of a group and the
comfort and safety of the individuals. Must they all be best friends? Of course not. But they
must have
RESPECT for one another. Respect is crucial in creating harmony and when you
feel safe in your own body and mind, you can honor others for the space that they are in.  

When you respect yourself, you can respect others.
When you feel good about yourself, you will try hard.
When you try hard, you will be successful.
When you are successful, you will inspire others!

Change happens within the whole community!

f i n d i n g    m y    i n n e r    c a l m

Guided imagery can help individuals find peace within themselves that can carry calmness
from class to class and class to home. It can give them the tools to be able to help
themselves wherever they are at any given time.
Along with the many special lessons you send them off into their future with,
THIS  can be a gift to them and your team that can last a lifetime.

Jo Pessin
can help guide your team, whether by grade, department or group on your journey of
self-exploration and discovery. Together, you will be able to impact not only the lives of your
students, but your staff, and families and friends of your entire community.

Peace and calmness can be very contagious and can help in so many ways.
You can begin giving this gift of inner awareness today. To learn more about
finding my inner calm, please call today.
Jo Pessin, C.Ht.
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
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