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On any athletic, academic, or extra-curricular team, the team wants to
achieve their overall goals but it is also very important to have harmony
and peace while on that journey. The journey, not the outcome is where
most of the learning and growing takes place, the sweat and tears,
no matter how old the members are.

Individual players on a team commit time, energy and dedication when they join
teams. The experience can be completely fulfilling on so many levels. But
unfortunately, some things can keep them from having the most pleasant experience
like FEAR:
fear of letting their teammates down, fear of not being good enough, fear
of forgetting what they need to do on performance day, fear of disappointing their
schools, cities or states. Fear is something no one should have to live with.

Imagine the possibilities without it! Imagine an athlete believing deep
in their core being, that they CAN!

Imagine a team that forges forward without anything
holding them back? Whether it's the CIF State Football Championships, the
Girl's Tennis Championships, the National Academic Decathalon or the
Regional Drill Team Championships

Any dream can be a reality!
Just like a sport, exercising a healthy mind takes practice and attention.

a thoughtful way offers group workshops that will enhance any team
environment whether it be by sport, level or grade. By getting everyone working
towards the same goals and enriching their skills in the same ways like increasing
confidence, respectfulness, motivation, focus, concentration and organization and
eliminating any fears, procrastination or bad habits that may hinder success,
goals can be met with ease.

In turn, you will not only have success in reaching your goals but
you will have peace and harmony within your group.
Have you ever had team members that just didn't get along?
The energy around them was so thick you could cut it with a knife?
How can you be successful with that kind of environment?
Even just 1 frustrated link can weaken the chain as a whole.
Imagine a team without any of that unnecessary and unhealthy energy.

Your team can have healthy and respectful relationships, the freedom to reach farther
than you ever thought possible, and the strength to face anything that comes your way.
You will be empowering your teammates
beyond the court, field or floor and into their classrooms, homes and futures.
Thus,  helping them be successful in all areas of their lives, as

students, sons and daughters, athletes and citizens.

With tools in their tool box of life they can find the calm from
within and will be outwardly proud and confident.
You will be amazed at their transformation.

Contact Jo Pessin today to create a program just for you!
Jo Pessin, C.Ht.
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
Our differences can benefit the whole team!
a thoughtful way to
have inner calm