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g i v i n g   b a c k

No matter what our circumstances, there is always something that we can be grateful
for today in our lives. Maybe it is simply that we are alive and healthy. We don't need
research studies to show us that when we give to others, we feel good inside- good
about who we are and good about what difference we can make in the world. The
positive feelings begins a wave of energy that can surpass anyone's expectations and
most often, envelopes the giver in a very unexpected way.

By Living Thoughtfully, you can become more aware of the things around you and tap
into the empathy, compassion and kindness that will allow you to open your hearts and
minds to others.

Perhaps there was a time when someone opened their hearts to you in a way that made
a difference in your life. Is there a way for you to give in the same way to someone who
is in the shoes you were in? In shoes that you can relate to because of your own
personal situation? Whether alone or in a group, you can do something important.

No act of goodness is too small. Whether you are opening the door for the person
behind you at the grocery store, or reading a book to a young child.
You are spreading something very important and a priceless gift-

. . . a part of you!

a t w proudly supports the following
amazing organizations:

Laurence School
Woodland Hills Elementary School
Southern CA Pomeranian Rescue- Petopia
Devin Freeman Family Fight
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Jo Pessin, C.Ht.
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
a thoughtful way to
have inner calm